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'touchtennis' (All ages - particularly adults)

A tennis coaching session in 'Touch Tennis'. Touch Tennis is a modified alternative to tennis played on mini courts.

An attractive alternative to the mainstream game, the key to touchtennis lies not in manipulating the ball with raw power but rather with deft stroke-play and chess-like manoeuvres. Played on a reduced size court with foam balls and 21 inch kids racquets, its carefully calibrated regulations aim to level the playing field for competitors by fostering long, intense rallies and clever angle play.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, male or female; the key to the game’s addictiveness is the enjoyment that comes from repeatedly and intelligently outwitting opponents. Believe us when we say that once you’ve experienced the joy that comes with pulling off a forehand winner after an energetic 60 stroke rally you’ll be dying to repeat the feat over and over! Seen Federer hit a shot and want to copy it? You'll be able to. Like that backhand by Becker? No problem. 

If you’re particularly eager to test your competitive spirit you might well be interested in joining the burgeoning touchtennis circuit. Replete with Grand Slams and Masters Tournaments, the tour has already attracted the attention of former Wimbledon winners, well-known commentators and noteworthy young talents who compete feverishly for ranking points and cash prizes.


Suited to all ages - especially older juniors 15yrs+ and adults. Please contact the coaching team if you're interested.
Price depends on the course that you would like to enrol on. Search for the various courses on the 'Booking Form or contact us on 07870620488 for more details. If you would like to see course running that we don't have available, please complete the 'Your Interests' short survey.
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