Final events will be held at Stratford Park on Saturday 15th December:
 (Presentation of trophies at this event)

To enter contact: 07870620488


Points Awarded Per Event As Follows:


1st - 1000pts                          9th - 300pts

2nd-750pts                            10th-250pts

3rd-625pts                            11th-200pts

4th-550pts                           12th-150pts

5th-500pts                           13th-125pts

6th-450pts                           14th-100pts

7th-400pts                           15th-75pts

8-350pts                                16th-50pts

After 5 rounds:

MINI ACES (Bronze Squad Players):
Heidi Poole 3550pts
Sam Holmes 3050pts
Monty Copp 2275pts
Louis Green 2250pts
Eshan Rebello 2000pts
Oliver Seymour 1650pts
Caitlyn Oates 1550pts
Rowan Shipley 1250pts
Evie Salter 1150pts
Koa Ashley 850pts
Ted Jefferies 850pts
Gil West 550pts
Simon Picton-Phillips 550pts 
Arthur Ross-Collins 500pts
Poppy Harrison 500pts
Phoebe Underhill 450pts
Joe Stickney 450pts
Ted Williams 400pts
Robbie Stickney 400pts
Bella Stickney 350pts
Alex Bobev 350pts

Young Aces (Silver Squad Players):
Freddie Knowles 4750pts
George Masser 3800pts
Charlie Hill 2425pts
Felix Buswell 2300pts
Arty Bass 1175pts
Archie Garrow 900pts
Bolu Rahman 500pts

Aces (Gold Squad Players):
Ben Hansen 4000pts
Joel Morris 3625pts
Luca Wigley 2750pts
Frazer Kirkland 2250pts
Tom Eddy 1725pts
Adam Marriott 625pts
Riley Cox 550pts
Jenna Harvey 550pts
James Warren 400pts
Max Chester 350pts
Millie Townsend 300pts